Lucas’ Story

Photo of Lucas Milliken“I teach English and History at a ski academy in western Maine, a boarding school where students simultaneously pursue college-preparatory academics and careers in competitive skiing and snowboarding. UMaine’s online program allows me to keep teaching while I take classes online during the school year and on-campus during the summer. The M.Ed. in Literacy program is making me a better teacher. My writing is stronger because of courses like the Writing Practicum and the Seminar in Fiction Writing. This strength gives me the confidence and ability to give my students better advice in conferences and on drafts of their written work. Through the courses on writing instruction, I have restructured my curriculum in a way that makes my classes more engaging and productive.

The professors are dedicated to improving the teaching of writing. The classes are geared toward improving practices in the classrooms where their students teach. Much of the work I am assigned benefits to the students in my classroom. For example, I spent last summer entirely redesigning my senior history curriculum in a course called Designing Online Learning Experiences. Beyond being experts in their fields, the professors are kind, flexible, and creative people. They have taken time to build personal connections with me, and they go out of their way to help students find success in their work beyond graduate school courses.

I recommend this course of study to any teacher who wants to improve their teaching of writing and make their curriculum more enjoyable for their students. One of the biggest benefits of this program is interacting with the other students in it. They are an inspiring group of teachers all dedicated to excellence in their craft and their full of good ideas that have led me to new thinking, experiments in classroom practices, and more student success in my classroom.”

– Lucas Milliken