Dr. Theresa Overall

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Dr. Theresa Overall came to University of Maine at Farmington in January 2007 as a visiting professor and fell in love with Maine and the Secondary Education program at UMF. She welcomed the invitation to stay. Prior to earning degrees in the field of educational technology (Ph.D. and M.S. from University of North Texas), Dr. Overall was teaching with computers in her mathematics classroom at The Lamplighter School in Dallas, the first elementary school in the world to have a computer in every classroom. She also served as technology coordinator, helping other teachers successfully utilize technology in their classrooms. Dr. Overall has designed workshops and customized courses in technology integration and math education for schools in Maine and across the country. She has had the privilege of adapting new technologies to use in the classroom, including TI-Logo, the first commercial version of Logo; Palm and other handheld personal digital assistants; and the Topocam, a digital robotic camera that makes motion and time visible in ways not seen before. In the Secondary and Middle Education program at UMF, she teaches the 200-level technology integration course that is a part of the practicum experience; she co-designed and teaches the 300-level mathematics methods course. She has served as chair for both the Division of Secondary Education & Community Health and the Division of Secondary & Special Education. As part of UMF’s Master’s program in Educational Leadership, she co-designed and has taught two core classes on curriculum, instruction and assessment with a focus on learning with technology. She has also designed and taught courses on using communication tools and information tools in K-12 classrooms. Influenced by Seymour Papert, she believes in a hands-on, constructionist approach to learning by “doing and wondering”, whether the learning is happening in person, online, or in a hybrid setting.