Online Practice Course

A practice course site is available to help you learn some of the features in BlackBoard. You will need your “” username and password to enroll in the site. If you do not have a account, contact our office for help getting one established.

Enrolling in the course is very easy:

  1. Simply navigate to and log in.
  2. You will see the BlackBoard Essentials for Students course enrollment link on the home page prominently.
  3. Click self enroll and follow the instructions.
  4. Learn away!

Students enroll here.

Once enrolled, you will see “BlackBoard Essentials for Students” listed in your My Courses area on your BlackBoard homepage at

The practice site is set up as a typical course site. Many, but not all tools are functional. Please note: because you are required to log in to the site, anything that you post will be identified with your name.