Courses and Program Format Definitions

Program-Level Definitions

Traditional Classroom Program: The majority of courses in the program are in-person courses. However, the program may also include some online or blended courses.

Blended Program: The program has a mix of in-person, online, and blended courses with online courses comprising 50% or more of the total required courses/credits. Examples of blended programs are those with a low-residency requirement.

Online Program: All courses in the program are online courses. Students can complete the program remotely using a laptop or desktop computer with no required in-person meetings. Online courses in the program can be either synchronous or asynchronous.

Course-Level Definitions

Time Options

Synchronous: Course activity is organized around scheduled class meetings and students and faculty interact with one another simultaneously in real-time. Synchronous courses can be in-person, video or web conference, or online. For in-person courses, synchronous meetings are listed under Days & Times. For online courses, synchronous meetings are most generally listed under Class Notes.

Asynchronous: Course activity is not organized around scheduled class times and students and faculty do not interact with one another simultaneously in real-time. Asynchronous courses can be partially or entirely self-paced and are typically held online.

Hybrid: A mix of asynchronous and synchronous interactions.

Mode of Instruction

Online (WW): A course section where 100% of course activity and class meetings are completed asynchronously (i.e., not in real-time) online with no required online meeting times.

Distance Synchronous Learning (DS): These classes never meet in person. The course is taught online, and the instructor is expected to deliver instruction synchronously (i.e., in real-time) at the times for which the class is scheduled.

Hybrid/Blended (HB): These classes have both in-person and online components. The dates/times of in-person meetings are scheduled.

Hyflex (HF): A single course section with the option to attend on-site, attend via video or audio technology during class meeting times, or watch a recording of the course asynchronously (i.e., not in real-time) via recorded class sessions, or in any combination of the three.

Split Delivery (SD): These classes will meet during all scheduled class times. However, groups of students in the class will alternate in-person and virtual attendance as designated by the instructor to maintain reduced density in classrooms (i.e., platoon system).

By Arrangement (AR): These courses are meant for clinical placements, field placements, independent study, internships, and research hours. They do not require a classroom or meeting time but are considered to be in person, with location and time arranged by the instructor or supervisor.

Service Learning (SL): Instruction time and locations are to be determined by the instructor.

In-Person (P): The course is taught fully face-to-face in a classroom at scheduled meeting times.