Graduate Certificate in Classroom Technology Integrationist

Alyssa’s Story

Transcript Alyssa Duschesne: EDT 520 is required for that master’s degree and Joanna Prince really got me into it. She said, “Try this out. Believe it or not, you can do with your kids.” Sure enough, tried the project out – blew me away. I said, “Okay. I can do this.” Since taking Jo’s class […]

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Nathaniel’s Story

Transcript Nathaniel Porter: I’m in the certificate program, um, for Technology Integrationist, and for me I was a science teacher for many years (science/math teacher) and I took a position as a technology person within my school. And this program has allowed me to kinda gain some credits and some expertise in the field that […]

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Amelia’s Story

Transcript Amelia Beiermeister: I started out in the certificate program for Instructional Technology for, ah, an integrationist and I enjoyed it so much that I matriculated over into the Master’s of Education, um, in Instructional Technology. Um, and I really love technology and I love computers and I love the possibilities of everything that are […]

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