Amelia’s Story


Amelia Beiermeister:
I started out in the certificate program for Instructional Technology for, ah, an integrationist and I enjoyed it so much that I matriculated over into the Master’s of Education, um, in Instructional Technology. Um, and I really love technology and I love computers and I love the possibilities of everything that are out there. They’re endless. And the opportunities and having it literally all at your fingertips just not knowing how to use it for myself, for my kids, for my students, for the other people that I work with. And so I decided that the Master’s, um, in Instructional Technology would hopefully lead me into sort of an integrationist either position in my own building because I’ve been there 20 years, I went to school there, and I just wanted to share every opportunity I’ve had with everyone else who works there. so that’s my goal I think down the line. But I also teach Social Studies.