Micheal’s Story

Photo of Michael CampbellI chose to go to the University of Maine because I wanted a curriculum and a program that would allow me to achieve at a structured pace. The MAT program is a perfect fit for that, whether your program lasts a year or two years. I had been working in education as an ed tech for four years prior to starting the MAT program but I immediately learned just how much more there is to learn about education. It’s something I hope to continue learning after I graduate.

With so much of the program being online, I was pleased to see just how many of my fellow classmates were just as determined as I was to make a difference in the field of education. The program faculty are some of the best I’ve ever seen. They have the knowledge and are consistently available to answer any questions I might have. This approach reflects in the students—we all want to be better than we were the day before and our teachers are willing to push us to be the best. Thanks to the MAT program, I believe the future of education in Maine will be bright.

– Michael Campbell