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Online Student Verification

University of Maine students enrolled in online or hybrid courses must access the campus learning management system (Blackboard) through a secure login provided with their MaineStreet account at the time of enrollment. Electronic course work must be submitted only through the LMS or through the University of Maine email system. Additional methods of authentication that may be used at the faculty’s discretion are proctored exams; use of a plagiarism detection tool, and the use of personally identifiable information to verify identity (e.g. student ID, date of birth, address, etc.).

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Our advising center can answer all of your questions about UMaineOnline Orientation. Call us at 207.581.5858 or email us at umaineonline@maine.edu. Setup an appointment today – we look forward to speaking with you!

Math Placement Test

All students entering UMaine must be placed in the correct math classes. If you have a 670 on the math portion of the SAT, or a 29 on the math portion of the ACT, then you can be enrolled in any math class up to MAT 126 (Calculus I); all other students must take the mathematics placement exam.

To take the exam, wait 24 hours after activating your UMS account and then: Go to BlackBoard and log in using your UMS ID and password. Call IT Help, 207.581.2506, if you need help logging in. Select MAT 001-Math Placement Exam from your course list.

You have three attempts for each of the three parts of the exam, so if you are not satisfied with your first placement results, we suggest reviewing your high school mathematics and then trying again.

Course Registration

Undergraduates at the University of Maine must contact their advisor to verify their course schedule and receive a PIN. Once they have their PIN they will be able to start the process for enrolling in courses.


Find textbooks, UMaine apparel, gifts, technology, and more from the University Bookstore.

Add/Drop Tutorial

Learn how to add or drop a class after discussing your course schedule with your advisor and getting your PIN.

Add a Course                                Drop a Course

Academic Calendar

Take note of the University of Maine’s Academic Year Calendar for important dates to remember throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Academic honesty is very important. It is dishonest to cheat on exams, to copy term papers, to submit papers written by another person, to fake experimental results, or to copy or reword parts of books or articles into your own papers without appropriately citing the source. Students committing or aiding in any of these violations may be given failing grades for an assignment or for an entire course, at the discretion of the instructor. In addition to any academic action taken by an instructor, these violations are also subject to action under the University of Maine Student Conduct Code.  The maximum possible sanction under the student conduct code is dismissal from the University.


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Financial Resources

Learn more about the financial resources available. You will find information about the Financial Responsibility Statement, Funding, Online payment, and more.