Start your adventure as a Black Bear by activating your accounts, getting your MaineCard, and more.


 Activate UMS Accounts 

Your UMS Accounts will be vital to your connection and success at the University of Maine. UMS accounts include the UMaine Portal, Email, Blackboard, MaineStreet, and more. (Note that if you have been using, Mainestreet or Blackboard, then your account is ACTIVE.)

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How to Forward to Personal Email

If you choose, you can forward your emails to a personal email, as to minimize the number of email accounts you need to check. All UMaine emails will be sent to your email after acceptance. This tutorial walks through the steps to forward your email to another address.

We’re Here to Help!

Our advising center can answer all of your questions about UMaineOnline Orientation. Call us at 207.581.5858 or email us at Setup an appointment today – we look forward to speaking with you!


The MaineCard is the official University of Maine ID. Eligible and valid cardholders include full- or part-time students, faculty and staff. 

Online students can access a form to apply for one by going to the MaineCard Service Center at and clicking on Forms and Documents to receive their photo ID, with the same benefits offered to our on-campus students.

Financial Responsibility Statement

All students must complete the Financial Responsibility Statement (FRS) before enrolling in classes at any campus of the University of Maine System. The FRS may be accepted by going to your MaineStreet Student Center and clicking on the Financial Responsibility Statement link in the “To Do List.” The FRS is a legal agreement between the student/University of Maine System explaining the financial obligation of the student. Ensuring that students understand the financial commitment they are making when they register for courses is an important component of a student’s financial literacy and is also required by the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Immunization Waiver

If you have questions about immunizations, and are in a 100% online program, contact your UMaineOnline advisor. Former students will need to supply their immunizations records.


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Technology Information

Learn more about the technology you will need to use or will have access to. These resources include MaineStreet, Blackboard, Kaltura, and more.