Minor in Maine Studies

Minor in Maine Studies

The Maine Studies minor is available to current undergraduate degree students at the University of Maine. The Maine Studies program offers students the opportunity to pursue the study of Maine through courses in history, literature, women’s studies, art, political science, geology, geography, Franco-American studies, and Native-American studies. The program recognizes the value of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches to understanding historical and contemporary issues such as developing Maine’s economy, protecting its environment, and appreciating the cultures of the state’s diverse population.

The Minor in Maine Studies offers students the opportunity to investigate Maine’s cultural, historical, and physical landscapes. The program recognizes the value of a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Maine’s historical and contemporary issues. The Maine Studies minor is useful for those who plan to work in Maine, especially teachers, social workers, business people, policymakers, and government employees.

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Students interested in a Maine studies minor must take a minimum of 18 credits in Maine-related courses. A minimum of 12 credit hours must be University of Maine courses. Students may complete the minor through courses on campus or at a distance.

Core Courses (6 credits)

  • MES 101: Introduction to Maine Studies (3 Credits)
  • MES 201: The Maine Coast (3 Credits)


Select 12 credits from the following list:

100-300 level courses are undergraduate; 400 level may be used for undergraduate or graduate level; 500-600 are graduate-level courses

  • ANT 425: Recorded Interviewing Techniques and Methods
  • ANT 426: Native American Folklore
  • ARH 361: Topics in Art History: Art, Maine, and a Sense of Place
  • ENG 244: Writers of Maine
  • ENG 429: Topics in Literature and Language: Maine Women Writers
  • ERS 102: Environmental Geology of Maine
  • FAS 101: Introduction to Franco-American Studies
  • FAS 230 / WST 235: Franco American Women’s Experience
  • FTY 111: Forests Through Time
  • GEO 212: Geography of Maine
  • HTY 210: History of Maine
  • HTY 211: Maine and the Sea
  • HTY 316: Shipwreck Sites: Archaeological and Historical Investigations
  • INT 491 / WST 401 / MES 520: A Midwife’s Tale and the Social Web
  • LIB 500: Exploring Interdisciplinary (required for all MALS students)
  • LIB 500 / MES 498: A Sense of Place: Maine and Regional Identity (required for all Maine Studies Graduate students)
  • MES 101: Introduction to Maine Studies (required for the Maine Studies minor and certificate)
  • MES 201: The Maine Coast (required for the Maine Studies minor and certificate)
  • MES 301: Rachel Carson, Maine, and the Environment
  • MES 498 / 520: Doing Nearby History and Folklore in the Classroom
  • MES 498: Topics in Maine Studies
  • MES 520: Advanced Topics in Maine Studies
  • MES 530: Maine Politics and Public Policy
  • MES 540: Maine and the Northeast Borderlands
  • MES 598: Directed Study in Maine Studies
  • NAS 102: Introduction to Wabanaki Culture, History, and Current Issues
  • NAS 401: Advanced Topics in Native American Studies: Teaching Maine Indian History and Culture
  • POS 203: American State and Local Government
  • WST 201: Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Maine Women


Minors are available to current degree-seeking undergraduate students at the University of Maine. Students interested in the Maine Studies minor should contact the Maine Studies office at 207.581.1840.

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Students who plan to find a job in Maine in such fields as business, government, or social services will benefit from a multidisciplinary understanding of Maine. Education majors who expect to teach in Maine’s public schools will find the Maine Studies programs useful in preparing them to teach Maine Studies, a course mandated by the State of Maine through LD291. Students interested in Maine generally will enjoy a greater appreciation for the state’s cultural and physical landscapes.


The advisory committee for the Maine Studies program at the University of Maine features faculty from around the state sharing their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of Maine-based history and culture. Many of the faculty have been recognized for their work in the field of Digital Humanities. To learn more about the faculty, contact the Maine Studies department.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the program!

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