Shawna’s Story

photo of Shawna Gurney“I work in Early Intervention; I knew that in order to continue providing quality services to the staff and families I work with, furthering my education was crucial. I was looking for a program that would supplement the knowledge I had gained while working in the field but also give me the opportunity to expand my skill set for future career opportunities. In addition to having a full-time career, I am a mom and a wife. Once you become a wife and a mom, all of the decisions you make in life always come back to this one question: is this the right thing to do for my family? Going back to school to get my master’s was a very tough decision because I didn’t want to jeopardize the quality of my life and career by taking on too much with school. I am so glad I made the decision. Due to the flexibility of the online program, I was able to go to school and continue to be a great, mom, wife, and career woman. I really enjoyed the variety in the coursework and the class format. The support of my peers and teachers was tremendous. The program was the perfect fit for me and the experience and knowledge I gained is invaluable.”

– Shawna Gurney