Krista’s Story

Photo of Krista Kelly“I was eager to become a black bear again, having had such a positive undergraduate experience on campus. As a full-time middle school science teacher in southern Maine, this was only made possible through UMaine Online; the M.Ed. program in Secondary Education (Curriculum, Assessment, & Instruction) met my needs perfectly. I was able to complete all coursework at home and on my own schedule, all while still teaching full-time. During each course, I was given the opportunity to learn from professional and dedicated peers, as well as program faculty who inspired me to continuously challenge myself to expand my thinking. After just three short years, I can gratefully say that the teacher I am today is a vastly improved version of the teacher I was before I enrolled. I now have the skills to better serve my students and, most importantly, the empowerment to continue my growth towards becoming the best educator I can be.”

– Krista Kelly