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Yes 15 credits $439/cr. in-state and $549/cr. out-of-state Rolling Admission None


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Program Requirements
Courses listed below do not need to be taken in a specific order though a good start would be the BUA 400 in the summer and ECO 410 offered in the fall.

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • BUA 400:  Introduction to Accounting.  An accelerated course that provides pre-MBA students with an introduction to managerial and financial accounting. Offered online in the summer.
  • ECO 410:  Accelerated Introductory Economics. An accelerated presentation of the fundamental elements of micro- and macroeconomic theory. Offered online in the fall.

Elective Courses (9 credits)

  • In addition to the two required courses listed above, students must take three 600-level BUA classes selected from the MBA required core. Those classes and when they are offered online are:


  • BUA 601: Statistical Analysis and Modeling for Organizational Operations. Familiarizes the student with statistical data analysis and management science techniques as they support decision-making throughout an organization. Prerequisite is any statistics course.
  • BUA 605:  Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy. Represents an integration of concepts and principles from the Marketing and Management Information Science disciplines.   Prerequisite:  BUA 270 Marketing or equivalent, or successful completion of the MBA Marketing Tutorial.
  • BUA 651:  Financial Management.  An MBA course that provides a foundation in financial management. Prerequisite is financial and managerial accounting, which can be met by taking BUA 400 or two undergraduate courses in financial and managerial accounting; and a principles of finance course or the MBA program’s finance tutorial.


  • BUA 609:  Financial Statement Analysis. This course is designed to help students understand how to use and analyze financial statements for making valuation and business decisions. Prerequisite is financial and managerial accounting, which can be met by taking BUA 400 or two undergraduate courses in financial and managerial accounting.
  • BUA 626 Management of Contemporary Organizations. Explores analytical perspectives to understand how individuals organize themselves in accomplishing organizational goals. Applies a managerial approach with a focus on real-life contemporary organizations. Prerequisite is a basic management course or the MBA program’s marketing tutorial.


  • BUA 620 Business Law. Introduces managers to current U.S. laws and regulations that impact on the operations of business. This course has no prerequisites.

Alternative 600 level BUA courses may substitute with permission of the MBA Director.

General Overview Graduate Business Certificate

The Graduate Business Certificate program is designed for students interested in gaining advanced skills in business.  For some students, it can serve as a pathway to the MBA program.  The Certificate curriculum provides coverage in management, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and management information systems. The Certificate is available entirely via online or distance delivery.  This is ideal for those working full-time, exploring a second career in business, military personnel, out-of-state or international students, or individuals intent on applying for the MBA Program in the future.  Many of the same courses taught in the Certificate program are also offered on-campus, providing students the option of attending the Maine Business School at The University of Maine in Orono.  Graduate courses taken in the Certificate program will apply toward MBA program completion for admitted students, (this does not include BUA 400 and ECO 410). This is a 15 credit hour certificate. Courses listed below do not need to be taken in a specific order, although a good start would be to take BUA 400 in the summer and ECO 410 in the fall. Pathway to MBA Requirements:  No GMAT is required for the Graduate Business Certificate; however, it is a requirement when applying to the MBA Program in keeping with The University of Maine admission standards, AACSB accreditation standards, and selectivity of the Maine Business School.  Students are advised to apply via the Graduate Application and meet all application requirements. However, students who complete the Graduate Business Certificate will be given strong consideration for entry to the MBA with GMAT scores less than 550, whereas they are otherwise qualified, meet the UMaine graduate requirements, and have demonstrated academic success in the Certificate program. Academic Standards: Consistent with The Maine Business School’s high academic standards, students must earn no less than a B- in each course of the Graduate Business Certificate. Visit the Business Administration website for additional information.

What can I do with a Graduate Business Certificate?

Graduates of this certificate program can enter into several mid to senior level positions. Those interested in operating their own business will find this certificate helpful. Potential career and career tracks include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Human resources
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Consultant

This is also a good first step for those seeking an MBA.

For more information about our online Master in Business Administration visit our MBA Program Information site.

Maine School of Business Faculty

Visit the department’s webpage for a full list of the amazing faculty teaching in this program.

What students have to say about the Business Administration Certificate

photo of Jeanette Brown“I received my BA in 2003 and started grad classes in Spring of 2016. I am working on my business certificate with plans to pursue an MBA. The business program at UMaine is flexible with my schedule, which was instrumental in my decision to return to school. I hold a management position which requires me to travel up to 50% of the time, so being able to access classes and materials remotely, and on my schedule, is key. The class platforms vary and my favorite has been the hybrid class structure where we have a direct feed to the live class. I feel more connected to the class and professor, and have found greater real-life application of the course material.” – Jeanette Brown

How will your story go?


Students apply via the online application through the Graduate School. When you are ready to apply, please first review these Application Instructions. Then, complete your online application here.

Admission criteria:

  1. Certificate students must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college of university with a recommended GPA of 3.0.  Official transcripts must be provided.
  2. Two letters of recommendation.  Students may be admitted provisionally and take one class before the letters are received.
  3. International students must meet Graduate School TOEFL requirements.

No standardized test (GMAT) is required for the Certificate, although if the Certificate student later desires to apply for the MBA program the GMAT is required.  UMaine baccalaureate graduates are exempt from submitting official UMaine transcripts but must send official transcripts from all other college/universities attended.

Academic Standards:

Consistent with The Maine Business School’s high academic standards, students must earn no less than a B- in each course of the Graduate Business Certificate.

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