Available 100% online Credit Hours Tuition Application Deadline Test Requirements
Yes (some synchronous meetings required) 30 credits $439/cr. in-state and $549/cr. out-of-state* Rolling Admission GMAT

*This special E-Tuition Rate applies to out-of-state students enrolled in a fully online degree or certificate program.

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Program Prerequisites

Core Courses (24 credits):

All candidates for the MBA degree must complete the following eight core graduate courses:

  • BUA 601: Data Analysis for Business 3cr.
  • BUA 605: Creating & Capturing Value in the Digital Economy 3cr.
  • BUA 609: Financial Statement Analysis 3cr.
  • BUA 620: Law, Business and Society 3cr.
  • BUA 626: Management of Contemporary Organizations 3cr.
  • BUA 645: Special Topic; Managerial Marketing 3cr.
  • BUA 649: Management Policy 3cr.
  • BUA 651: Financial Management 3cr.

Electives (6 credits):

Electives include:

A faculty-led field experience in an international environment. In recent years, our students have participated in international study courses in countries such as Japan, Brazil, Germany, France, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam, and the Czech Republic.

  • BUA 596: International Field Study 3cr.

An internship in a profit-making firm or a nonprofit organization.

  • BUA 695: MBA Internship 3cr.

Other electives currently include:

  • BUA 645: Special Topics; Business (e.g. Leadership, Climate Control, Socially Responsible Investing and Enterprise Architecture) 3cr.
  • BUA 668: Electronic Commerce 3cr.
  • BUA 698: Independent Study 3cr.

Course Descriptions

General Overview of the MBA Program

The MBA program at the Maine Business School is designed to provide students with the skills and understanding to achieve long-term success in the complex, rapidly changing, global economy.  Our program provides an education grounded in the fundamentals but one that also prepares our students for expanding management roles that require skills in communication, adapting to change, and of course leadership. The program emphasizes experiential, hands-on learning, teamwork, and critical thinking.   Students may study full-time or part-time and matriculate for the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. 

Our online MBA program is referred to as the “Essential MBA” because it is designed to provide students with superb leadership, management, and analytical skill sets with a background in finance, accounting, and global engagement for the competitive work environment. Please go the UMaine MBA website for more information. 

The Maine Business School is accredited by AACSB, the most significant accreditor of business schools.  

The foundation for the program (prerequisites) consists of courses in accounting, economics, and statistics. Some applicants will already meet some or all of these requirements. For those who do not, the University of Maine offers accelerated online courses in accounting (BUA 400) and economics (ECO 410) for students without prior courses in these areas. Students may take a statistics course from the University of Maine or elsewhere (online is available). Once matriculated, we offer non-credit tutorials in finance, marketing, and management for those who need these. 

Program Format

The University of Maine Online MBA can be taken from virtually anywhere in the world as long as students have a sufficient internet connection. However, we strive to have an engaged program in which our distance students interact with the professor and the campus students and work with these students on projects.

Thus, it is not a completely asynchronous program in which students do not interact real-time with the professor and potentially other campus students. Some classes require synchronous participation of varying degrees. For instance, at times distance students will have to be online at specified times (always at night, eastern U.S. time). For some classes this is weekly; for others the synchronous requirement is less frequent. And many classes have no synchronous component.

Our faculty are cognizant of the requirements of working professionals, and understand when work occasionally interferes with class presence. But the student must be aware that a class interactive presence will be required for some courses.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling admission basis, meaning that once the application is complete, the admission evaluation process begins. The application can be completed online or downloaded at http://www.umaine.edu/graduate.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university with a 3.0 cumulative GPA; 3.5 preferred. All prerequisites for the MBA must each have a grade of B- minimum. Candidates are also expected to have strong analytical, math, writing, and presentation skills. Full admission is based on meeting all prerequisites, academic standards, a GMAT score of 550 or higher preferred (500 minimum required), and all requirements. Conditional or provisional admission is possible.

GMAT waiver Effective Spring 2017 and following:

You may substitute for the GMAT scores other standardized test results (e.g., GRE, LSAT, MAT) if taken previously and within five years.  Scores that convert to a GMAT less than 500 are not acceptable.

The GMAT is waived for applicants with a PhD, JD, MD, or master’s degree from a U.S. accredited program.  The GMAT is waived for applicants with a CPA or CFP.

The GMAT may be waived for strong candidates with five or more years of post-graduate demonstrated professional work experience. Professional work experience includes:

  • Management of staff in a direct working relationship, and/or
  • Leadership of work teams, and/or
  • Financial or budgetary responsibility, and or
  • Job responsibilities that specifically demonstrate applied quantitative and analytical skills.

The GMAT may be waived for military members and veterans with five or more years of military experience, provided they meet academic minimums. 

Note:  The GMAT will be requested from applicants with sufficient work experience but who do not meet the academic minimums in order to strengthen the candidate’s portfolio.  International applicants must submit a GMAT score.

To be considered please fill out and submit to the MBA Director the GMAT Waiver Form.

No GMAT waiver is automatic and an approved waiver request does not guarantee admission to the program.

*The waiver is NOT applicable for International students. The GMAT (or other recent graduate testing) must be submitted.

What can I do with a Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

Nearly every field includes some form of management position. Many top management positions in corporations, nonprofits and government agencies either require or strongly favor those who hold an MBA over other applicants. Graduates of MBA programs learn the management skills to work in administrative and leadership positions in fields like healthcare, engineering and education. A January 2015 Financial Times article says that “… US-based MBA graduates tend to be better at building successful businesses.” Even Physicians are beginning to see the value in obtaining their MBA as they run their offices and manage their employees, finances and electronic records. MBA degrees frequently lead to upper management positions in the business field, with the non-profit sector and in consulting and entrepreneurship. Popular career options for graduates from an MBA program include accountant, advertising executive, business manager, marketing director, human resources director, finance officer, CIO, product manager, management consultant, financial analyst and many more.


The Maine Business School faculty are nationally and often globally recognized for their expertise. Many serve on the board of directors of various for profit and nonprofit organizations and are consultants to government agencies and corporations. Dedicated to the success of their students, you will have many opportunities to interact and learn from them. For a complete list of the Maine Business School faculty with links to their bios, CV’s and research, check out the Maine Business School website.

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What students have to say about the MBA degree

photo of Shane Albert“I graduated from the Maine Business School in 2014 with my BS in Management, and quickly found a job as an accountant for a local medical supplier. After gaining valuable real world experience, I decided to continue my education through the University of Maine’s online MBA program. Due to the flexibility of this revolutionary program I have been able to progress in my career, recently accepting an accounting position with a renewable energy company located in Portland Maine. My hours are constantly shifting, so being able to connect with professors remotely with applications such as Adobe Connect is crucial for young professionals such as myself. I appreciate the entrepreneurial approach of the professors, as they are teaching these hybrid classes in real time with both online, and in class students. Being able to continue my education without offsetting my professional career has been monumental, and I’m excited to continue working my way through this program.” – Shane Albert

photo of Kristin Hall“UMaine’s online MBA is exceptional. The faculty are brilliant and the classes are flexible, which works great with my schedule. I’m hoping to stay in South Africa after our international MBA trip and finish up my last course, Business Law, abroad. ” – Kristin Hall

photo of John Robinson“As a working professional with a hectic schedule I didn’t think it was realistic for me to further my education. Then I heard about The University of Maine’s Online MBA program. The program is wonderful; it allows me to continue working while obtaining my MBA. An MBA will allow me to make the leap to more of a leadership role at my current company. The professors are great. They are engaging and supportive. With the current technologies the program utilizes I have been able to meet all of my professors and classmates face to face with very open lines of communication. I went on the international business trip and it was an experience I will never forget. I would recommend the program and the international business trip course to anyone who wants to bring their career to the next level.” – John Robinson

photo of Jacob Spinney“UMaine’s online MBA program is outstanding. The faculty are world-class, and the courses are challenging and relevant. The online classes provide the flexibility I need as a working professional.”- Jacob Spinney

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