Undergraduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering Technology

Undergraduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering Technology

The 100% online Undergraduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering Technology provides students with a solid foundation in core competencies of surveying. An undergraduate certificate differs from a bachelor’s degree in that the curriculum is focused on the subjects that will benefit your career and show employers proof of practical skills.

This program is ideal for:

  • Surveying professionals with a degree outside of surveying engineering technology and their path to licensure requires a core group of surveying classes
  • Professionals where a degree is not required for licensure but instead a core curriculum is necessary
  • Those looking for a stepping stone into the online B.S. in Surveying Engineering Technology

Note: This program is only available online and not on campus.


Core Courses

The following core courses are required (9 credits):

  • SVT 101: Basic Surveying Field and Office Processes (3 credits)
    Offered Fall and Spring 
  • SVT 202: Route and Site Surveying (3 credits)
    Offered Fall and Spring – Prerequisite SVT 101
  • SVT 221: Boundary Law (3 credits)
    Offered Fall and Spring – Prerequisite SVT 202


Choose two electives (6 credits). All have a prerequisite of SVT 202.

  • SVT 201: Adjustment Computations (3 credits)
    Offered Spring
  • SVT 331: Photogrammetry (3 credits)
    Offered Spring
  • SVT 341: Advanced Surveying (3 credits)
    Offered Fall
  • SVT 352: Practical Field Operations (3 credits)
    Offered Spring
  • SVT 437: Practical GPS (3 credits)
    Offered Fall

Extra Courses/Credits

Students enrolled in this certificate can take up to 21 credits at the e-rate. After 21 credits, they will need to be admitted into an undergraduate or graduate degree program for the e-rate or pay the out-of-state rate.

For more information about tuition rates, contact Tiffany Peterson, UMaineOnline Advisor, at 207.581.5858 or at umaineonline@maine.edu, or the Bursar’s Office.


International students may ONLY pursue this certificate online and from the country in which they are citizens.

Transfer Credits

Students will be able to transfer in up to 6 credits of similar courses from other institutions. Any other substitutions will be at the discretion of the surveying engineering technology program coordinator.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Knowledge of basic trigonometry
  • Ability to use a scientific calculator with trigonometry functions

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Have questions about earning your Undergraduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering Technology online with UMaine? Contact Tiffany Peterson, UMaineOnline advisor, at 207.581.5858 or at umaineonline@maine.edu.

For Surveying Engineering specific questions, contact Ray Hintz, Program Coordinator, at ray.hintz@maine.edu.

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