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Program Requirements (12 credits)

The Graduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering requires completion of a minimum of twelve credits of coursework. The twelve credits of coursework must include four classes selected from this list of seven three credit graduate courses:

  • SVT 501 Advanced Adjustment Computations  (fall)
  • SIE 509 Principles of Geographic Information Systems (fall)
  • SVT 511 Geodetic United States Public Land Survey System (fall)
  • SVT 512 Advanced Survey Law (spring)
  • SVT 531 Advanced Digital Photogrammetry (spring)
  • SVT 532 Survey Strategies in Use of Lidar (spring)
  • SVT 541 Geodesy (spring)

Only courses in which the student obtained a grade of B or higher count towards the completion of the Surveying Engineering Graduate Certificate.

Course Descriptions

General Overview Graduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering

Changing technologies in the surveying engineering world require working professionals to return to an academic world to expand their knowledge. Professional Land Surveyors with a BS degree in surveying or related field will expand on their undergraduate knowledge. Similarly professional land surveyors with a non-surveying undergraduate degree will be able to capture knowledge in their chosen second career.

Continuation to Professional Science Masters in Engineering and Business Surveying Engineering Concentration

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering a student may apply for admission to the Professional Science Masters in Engineering and Business Surveying Engineering Concentration (PSM).  The twelve credits received in the certificate will count as the twelve surveying courses required in the PSM.

What can I do with a Graduate Certificate in Surveying Engineering?

  • Expand your undergraduate knowledge for better work experience
  • Expand your firm’s knowledge base into new technologies
  • Expand your knowledge for new work opportunities
  • Better prepare yourself for professional licensure examinations
  • Grow mathematical foundations not taught in undergraduate curriculums
  • Prepare for a leadership role in solving complicated boundary issues

This is also a good step for those seeking a Professional Science Masters (PSM) in Engineering and Business.


Students to be admitted into the Surveying Engineering Graduate Certificate must hold an undergraduate degree and have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. Candidates must submit a transcript of their undergraduate degree, essay, and one reference letter. Students can apply to transfer up to 3 credits of graduate coursework into the Surveying Engineering Graduate Certificate. The Surveying Engineering Certificate Coordinator must approve such transfer credits after assessing whether they are appropriate or not.

When you are ready to apply, please first review these Application Instructions. Then, complete your online application here.

Surveying Engineering Graduate Faculty

Carlton Brown, PhD, PE, PLS (University of Maine 2008), Associate Professor, cadastral surveys, land tenure, carlton.brown@maine.edu

Knud Hermansen, PhD, JD, PE, PLS (West Virginia University 1989), Professor, boundary law, construction surveying, knud.hermansen@maine.edu

Raymond Hintz, PhD, PLS (University of Wisconsin 1983), Professor and Graduate Coordinator, adjustment computations, photogrammetry, ray.hintz@maine.edu

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