Suzanne’s Story

Photo of Suzanne NadeauAs a member of USM’s English adjunct faculty, I saw firsthand how hard it was for many of my students to succeed when trying to learn with the “old school” methods I had learned in graduate school. I had to change how I taught if I hoped to meet all students where they were, so I enrolled in the Ed.S. in Instructional Technology program with the main intention of learning a few technology-enhanced teaching methods. What I got was so much more. Not only were peers engaged and supportive, but professors were among the best I ever had. Friendly and invested in my success, they made it easier for me to succeed in my program despite working a full-time job and teaching part-time for USM while taking two classes a semester. It was not easy, but it has been so worth it. In fact, I recently submitted my application for an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. with a focus on Instructional Technology in Writing Instruction. Clearly, I love this program!

– Suzanne Nadeau