Minor in Legal Studies

Minor in Legal Studies

The online Legal Studies minor explores legal foundations, developments, and effects that are of intrinsic interest and concern to many disciplines and their students. The minor is designed for any student whose liberal education seeks to understand the formative bases of human civilization and culture.



Possible course options include but are not limited to:

  • ACC 312: Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
  • ANT 260: Forensic Anthropology (3 credits)
  • ANT 270: Environmental Justice Movements in the United States (3 credits)
  • CHF 452: Violence in the Family (3 credits)
  • CHF 488: Family Legal Issues (3 credits)
  • CMJ 375: Journalism and Media Law (3 credits)
  • ECO 371: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy (3 credits)
  • EES 312: Energy, Law & Environment: Contending with Climate Change (3 credits)
  • EES 324: Environmental Protection Law and Policy (3 credits)
  • FSN 436: Food Law (3 credits)
  • HTY 464: America at the Crossroads: The Era of Civil War Reconstruction 1840-1876 (3 credits)
  • LDR 200: Leadership Ethics (3 credits)
  • MGT 220: The Legal Environment of Business (3 credits)
  • MSL 402: Company Grade Leadership (4 credits)
  • NAV 304: Leadership and Ethics (3 credits)
  • PAX 451: Meditation: Its Premises, Practices, and Policies (3 credits)
  • PHI 235: Biomedical Ethics (3 credits)
  • PHI 244: Philosophy of Law (3 credits)
  • PHI 250: Formal Logic (3 credits)
  • PHI 344: Theories of Justice (3 credits)
  • POS 282: Introduction to American Law (3 credits)
  • POS 306: Crafting the American Constitution (3 credits)
  • POS 307: Democratic Theory (3 credits)
  • POS 383: American Constitutional Law (3 credits)
  • POS 384: American Civil Liberties (3 credits)
  • POS 470: International Law (3 credits)
  • POS 484: The American Constitution and Criminal Due Process (3 credits)
  • SOC 214: Crime and Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • SOC 220: Sociology of Deviance (3 credits)
  • SOC 324: Domestic Violence (3 credits)
  • SVT 221: Boundary Law (3 credits)
  • SVT 451: Survey Business Law (3 credits)
  • WLE 470: Wildlife Policy and Administration (3 credits)

Declaring a Minor

Minors are available to current degree-seeking undergraduate students at the University of Maine. Minors cannot be pursued by students enrolled in a certificate program. A minor cannot be awarded unless a degree is earned.

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A minor in legal studies can complement a major in virtually any discipline including Political Science, Business Administration, Economics, or Philosophy.

Job positions often acquired with this minor can include:

  • Paralegal & Legal Assistants
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Law Librarian
  • Social Worker
  • Probation Officer


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