Online Graduate Degrees

photo of Jessica LuddersJessica’s Story – M.Ed. in Instructional Technology

“As a teacher with a busy family, the MEd program meets my needs in so many ways. I am able to take engaging online classes with instructors who know how to create class communities in the virtual environment. I am also able to develop valuable skills that I can apply immediately in my teaching practice. Finally, the MEd program instructors and support staff genuinely care about the success of the students.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better program!”  – Jessica Ludders

photo of Noreen BrennerNoreen’s Story – PSM in Bioinformatics

“I entered the Bioinformatics Professional Science Master’s Program with an MA in biology (molecular, cellular and developmental biology or MCD). As a person with a background in biology, I found the PSM Program to be an extremely useful complement to my knowledge of biology, specifically MCD. In the PSM Program I was able to acquire knowledge of SQL, Python, Perl and R, crucial database management or programming languages, which are essential components of the bioinformaticist’s repertoire and can be applied to answer questions pertaining to MCD. For instance, one can use Perl programming to find a TATA box or any particular motif in a DNA sequence or one can use Perl to see if two proteins interact with one another. The software tool SQL can be used to query a biological database or modify it. R is used to conduct statistical analyses. In the program students learn to perform epistasis analyses to find out which of two interacting proteins is downstream. The Biostatistics/Computational Biology class teaches one how to do enrichment analyses, where you take a list of differentially expressed genes and found out which biological processes are represented in a statistically significant fashion. The classes offered in the PSM Program prepare the aspiring bioinformaticist to work with the tools that a bioinformaticist needs. My advice to the student aiming to successfully complete the PSM is to prestudy. Obtain the syllabi from the professors, get the textbooks and prepare for the class. Being ahead of the game is an advantage. The PSM Program has hired a bioinformaticist, Professor Benjamin King, to teach the essential class “Introduction to Bioinformatics”. Professor King is an excellent pedagogue with a lot of practical experience in bioinformatics. Note that Applied Field Research is a cornerstone of the program. Importantly, there are professors at UMaine, Jackson Lab and elsewhere whom one can take Applied Field Research in bioinformatics with, as they are knowledgeable about bioinformatics. The coordinator / chairperson of the program, Professor David Neivandt and Kristen Freeman, the special assistant to the chairperson, go out of their way to help students. My personal advisor has also been especially helpful. I wholeheartedly recommend the PSM Program in Bioinformatics to every prospective student wishing to obtain a firm foundation in the field.” – Noreen Brenner

photo of Shawna GurneyShawna’s Story – M.Ed. in Special Education, Concentration in Early Intervention

“I work in Early Intervention; I knew that in order to continue providing quality services to the staff and families I work with, furthering my education was crucial. I was looking for a program that would supplement the knowledge I had gained while working in the field but also give me the opportunity to expand my skill set for future career opportunities. In addition to having a full-time career, I am a mom and a wife. Once you become a wife and a mom, all of the decisions you make in life always come back to this one question: is this the right thing to do for my family? Going back to school to get my master’s was a very tough decision because I didn’t want to jeopardize the quality of my life and career by taking on too much with school. I am so glad I made the decision. Due to the flexibility of the online program I was able to go to school and continue to be a great, mom, wife and career women. I really enjoyed the variety in the course work and the class format. The support of my peers and teachers was tremendous. The program was the perfect fit for me and the experience and knowledge I gained is invaluable.” – Shawna Gurney

photo of Melinda CoreyMelinda’s Story – M.Ed. in Special Education, Concentration in Early Intervention

“I had the opportunity to complete my Master’s Degree in Special Education/Early Intervention through the university’s online program in August 2014. I could not have completed my education without this option. As a full-time working mother of a young child, this program afforded me the time and flexibility I needed to be successful. These courses challenged me in new ways each week, and granted me the skills I needed to become a program manager within my organization a year after completing my degree. I would recommend this program to anyone, but especially to non-traditional students who feel like a master’s degree may be otherwise out of reach – this is a program that could work and will leave you prepared for a wide range of positions in the early childhood special education field.” – Melinda Corey

photo of Yuka TakemonYuka’s Story – PSM in Bioinformatics

“Working as a full-time research assistant at the Jackson Laboratory I was exposed to many fields and techniques that were applied at the forefront of biomedical research. I was able to see first hand how bioinformatics was quickly becoming a critical component in understanding complex genetic diseases. I realized that pursing a PSM in Bioinformatics through GSBSE while continuing my full-time job would allow me to contribute at a higher level at work and open more doors for my career. Since I live far enough from the Orono campus to make commuting difficult, having the option to attend live courses remotely, watch recordings, or even attend live courses taught by faculty at the Jackson Laboratory was one of the deciding factors to pursue this degree. One of the great things about the GSBSE courses is that faculty from partner institutions such as MMCRI, MDIBL, and JAX who are involved with cutting edge research are teaching the classes. Course materials are always relevant and up-to-date, and the professors are always receptive to questions. Both GSBSE Director, Dr. David Neivandt, and Special Assistant, Tammy Crosby, have been very accommodating, and have personally met with me to help me design a curriculum that fit my needs and goals. Since starting the PSM in Bioinformatics, I’ve been able to immediately apply what I’ve learnt in the classroom to my work. I’ve become a critical member of the lab with my bioinformatics knowledge and skill sets, and have also seen many opportunities open up before me at work. I would definitely recommend this program to those currently involved in research that want to develop bioinformatics skills to get a leg up in their career.” – Yuka Takemon

photo of Jacob SpinneyJacob’s Story – MBA

“UMaine’s online MBA program is outstanding. The faculty are world-class, and the courses are challenging and relevant. The online classes provide the flexibility I need as a working professional.”- Jacob Spinney

photo of Kristin HallKristin’s Story – MBA

“UMaine’s online MBA is exceptional. The faculty are brilliant and the classes are flexible, which works great with my schedule. I’m hoping to stay in South Africa after our international MBA trip and finish up my last course, Business Law, abroad. ” – Kristin Hall

photo of Ambrose GmeinerAmbrose’s Story – PSM in Engineering and Business

“As I continued to grow, both personally and professionally, I had long been contemplating graduate school. I had researched the programs at universities in my area and just could not put the time and travel together to make things work. The University of Maine’s, Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree allowed me to expand my resources and body of knowledge for relevant business, project management and advanced surveying and engineering topics. The professors were excellent in conveying the expectations of the program, and course material, utilizing different media and technology. I am very thankful for this opportunity and will always feel a part of the University of Maine family.” – Ambrose Gmeiner

photo of John RobinsonJohn’s Story – MBA

“As a working professional with a hectic schedule I didn’t think it was realistic for me to further my education. Then I heard about The University of Maine’s Online MBA program. The program is wonderful; it allows me to continue working while obtaining my MBA. An MBA will allow me to make the leap to more of a leadership role at my current company. The professors are great. They are engaging and supportive. With the current technologies the program utilizes I have been able to meet all of my professors and classmates face to face with very open lines of communication. I went on the international business trip and it was an experience I will never forget. I would recommend the program and the international business trip course to anyone who wants to bring their career to the next level.” – John Robinson

photo of Tasha RaymondTasha’s Story – Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Maine Studies)

“Without the ability to do my coursework from home, graduate school would not have been an option for me. Living over an hour away from the University of Maine, raising a family, and working on an active homestead made it impossible to commute. Taking distance courses through the graduate school was fantastic! Being able to finish my MAIS in Maine Studies from afar was easy and practical.” – Tasha Raymond

photo of Shane AlbertShane’s Story – MBA

“I graduated from the Maine Business School in 2014 with my BS in Management, and quickly found a job as an accountant for a local medical supplier. After gaining valuable real world experience, I decided to continue my education through the University of Maine’s online MBA program. Due to the flexibility of this revolutionary program I have been able to progress in my career, recently accepting an accounting position with a renewable energy company located in Portland Maine. My hours are constantly shifting, so being able to connect with professors remotely with applications such as Adobe Connect is crucial for young professionals such as myself. I appreciate the entrepreneurial approach of the professors, as they are teaching these hybrid classes in real time with both online, and in class students. Being able to continue my education without offsetting my professional career has been monumental, and I’m excited to continue working my way through this program.” – Shane Albert

photo of Rachel BuckRachel’s Story – MSW

“I chose the Online Hybrid MSW program because, as a full-time wife, mother, and alternative ed teacher, I need the flexibility of working on assignments when my schedule allows. I also knew I wanted the face-to-face contact the two Saturdays per semester offered. Because we’re a cohort, we’ve gotten to know each other personally and look forward to connecting both in online discussions and in person. As with any graduate program, we’ve formed study groups, met each other’s family, and developed relationships that will last far beyond graduation. And, because this is a University of Maine degree, we are getting a top notch education. I am so thankful the Online Hybrid MSW program exists so I can pursue my career goals without needing to put my life on hold while I go to graduate school.” – Rachel Buck

Online Graduate Certificates

photo of Jeanette BrownJeanette’s Story – Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

“I received my BA in 2003 and started grad classes in Spring of 2016. I am working on my business certificate with plans to pursue an MBA. The business program at UMaine is flexible with my schedule, which was instrumental in my decision to return to school. I hold a management position which requires me to travel up to 50% of the time, so being able to access classes and materials remotely, and on my schedule, is key. The class platforms vary and my favorite has been the hybrid class structure where we have a direct feed to the live class. I feel more connected to the class and professor, and have found greater real-life application of the course material.” – Jeanette Brown

photo of Sandy PelletierSandy’s Story – Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

“I chose the Graduate Program at UM in Nursing Education because the program had a great reputation, I had received a previous grant to first complete a graduate certificate in Nursing Education at UM, and was able to easily transition into the graduate program. The program was hybrid which allowed me to take online courses, poly-com courses televised from UM to UMFK, and on campus courses. All of these avenues allowed me flexibility within my career and family life. The graduate nursing faculty at UM are fantastic. They are so invested in their students’ learning and clinical opportunities. All faculty were readily available via email, phone, or in person. I can now call each of them my colleagues in Nursing Education and collaborate frequently with them. A MSN in Nursing Education has enabled me to finally secure my career in collegiate education as a Nursing Faculty. This degree has allowed me to combine my two career passions; nursing and education. Thank you, UM.” – Sandy Pelletier

photo of Laurie QualeyLaurie’s Story – Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

“I earned my Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology while taking classes on campus for my Master’s Degree in Social Work. As a full-time student, the flexibility of the online classes was a great fit with my very busy schedule. The Certificate program has a diverse group of guest lecturers from many disciplines, creating an invaluable and unique learning opportunity. Students also come to the program with varied educational and experiential backgrounds, leading to fascinating group discussions. I cannot speak highly enough about the instructors, all of whom were extremely accessible to students’ questions and very open to feedback. I strongly recommend the Interprofessional Graduate Certificate in Gerontology for students from any background looking for a career in this rewarding and dynamic field.” – Laurie Qualey

photo of Crystal FrenchCrystal’s Story – Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

“I chose the UMaine Instructional Design program because it most closely matched my current and future role and because I wanted to become more of an expert in the field of instructional design and technology. Because this program is online, it works for my busy schedule. I work a full-time job, and travel a lot, so having the flexibility to continue my education in a way that works for me has been critical. Although the program is demanding, I have been able to fit the coursework into my busy life. The program faculty have been amazing! I love how engaging and available the instructors have been. We regularly meet virtually and they are always available if I have additional questions or need some extra help.” – Crystal French

photo of Sue and her daughter, Monique TheriaultSue’s Story – Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders

“Completing my Master of Education in Special Education [Concentration in Low Incidence] has been a tremendous source of pride for my family and me. In fact, my daughter received her Bachelor’s Degree from UMaine on the same weekend that I was hooded for my Master’s! The graduate program at UMaine is exceptional. The courses focus on research-based practices, which are crucial for educating individuals with disabilities. While completing my M.Ed., I was also able to complete the requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders. The faculty are actively engaged in advancing the education and training of professionals who work with individuals with ASD and their families. I love how I can continue to be involved with these highly committed faculty through the Maine Autism Leadership Team and professional development workshops.” – Sue Theriault

photo of Marisa Mendéz-BradyMarisa’s Story – Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design

“The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design program absolutely improved my practice as an academic librarian. Guided by experts in the field of educational technologies and pedagogies, I was able to learn an incredible amount in a condensed time period. In the course of the program I produced several information literacy lesson plans, created an online module for learning citations, developed a peer coaching model that I’m presenting at the American Library Association Annual Conference, and authored an article for a professional journal about how to engage with citations using critical theory. UMaineOnline offered the flexibility for me to pursue these myriad professional projects that advanced my career goals. I am very grateful to the program faculty for providing such enriching experiences that I continue to draw from regularly as Librarian for English and History at the University of California, Los Angeles. I would highly recommend anyone who works at the intersection of technology and education in any context to consider enrolling.” – Marisa Méndez-Brady

Online Undergraduate Degrees

photo of Chad CaronChad’s Story – Bachelor of University Studies

“As a military veteran, a family man and business leader – UMaine’s Bachelor of University Studies program, with its flexible schedule & online curriculum, has been essential to my continued educational success. This program opens up real possibilities for so many “non-traditional” students to further their education and open the door to new possibilities to better their lives. The friendly and supportive program staff are there to help you succeed. The curriculum is thought provoking and engaging.” – Chad Caron

photo of Tim Lydon surveyingTim’s Story – BS in Surveying Engineering Technology

“As a professional in the surveying and engineering fields, I had leveled off in my development; I didn’t finish my degree nor did I have the education requirements to seek licensure as a PE or PLS. Coming from Massachusetts, I needed a program that would allow me to take surveying classes that fulfilled the requirements to sit for the FS and ultimately the PS tests. The online BS in SVT at UMaine allows me to do just that by taking classes part-time and doing homework during my nights and weekends. The classes are challenging, informative, and the entire staff has been super helpful as I have a full-time job and just welcomed a baby girl to my family. I look forward to receiving my BS in SVT and becoming licensed in the near future thanks to the administration and staff at UMaine.” – Timothy Lydon

photo of Kathy HillKathy’s Story – Bachelor of University Studies

“The start of a college experience can be daunting for anyone; however, for the non-traditional student who probably has not studied for years, it can be downright frightening!  Not only do we worry about academic success, but we also wonder how we will fit in with all of the traditional students and how we will balance school needs with our home lives. Fortunately, UMaine has the Division of Lifelong Learning and the Bachelor of University Studies to aid all non-traditional students.

Each time I have had any interactions with the members of this department, I have been met with warm smiles and courteous assistance. Any time I questioned what my next academic steps should be, my advisor was available to help me sort through my options. Without the guidance that was provided, my path would have been much rockier and I probably would have stumbled more often. Instead, I found the transition into college life very satisfying. I have been willing to jump into new experiences because I knew my department would be there to cheer me on. I am extremely grateful for all of the support my program and the caring people within it have consistently offered. Because of the people and the program, the ability to succeed is much greater!” – Kathy Hill

photo of Andy GroverAndy’s Story – BS in Surveying Engineering Technology

“The University of Maine’s Surveying Engineering Technology online program is a game changer. The education I am receiving is exemplary. The material presented is in-depth and thorough; examples are from real-life data sets, and information beyond the referenced text books is utilized allowing for multiple avenues of learning. Furthermore, the faculty of the program are fantastic and extremely dedicated in conveying information to those who want to learn land surveying. Through this program I have had exposure to industry leading software, best practices, and equipment.

I jumped at the opportunity for an online education in land surveying at the University of Maine due to the reputation of the existing land surveying program, the value, and the convenience. Working full time and raising a family leaves little time for anything. The closest ABET approved land surveying curriculum is an hour and a half drive. The time that would have been spent traveling can fully be dedicated to class time and studying, this is the difference that has made a land surveying education possible for me. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to obtain a land surveying education remotely and I am thoroughly enjoying the program. It is challenging, rewarding, and will lead to licensure as a professional land surveyor.” – Andrew Grover

Photo of Tina HedrickTina’s Story – Bachelor of University Studies

“As a mother with young children, I felt the time for fulfilling my own educational aspirations was diminishing. However, the program offered by UMaine through the Division of Lifelong Learning afforded me the opportunity to not only accomplish my original aspirations but have now opened the possibilities to new aspirations.

When I began to research colleges and universities, I had a few musts. The school must offer a fully online program and it must be flexible. I also wanted a school where tuition was affordable and the options for financial aid were available. I found it all at UMaine.” – Tina Hedrick

photo of Phil Salamon working in the fieldPhil’s Story – BS in Surveying Engineering Technology

“The online Surveying Engineering Technology program at UMaine has given me the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in a major I’ve made a career in for the past 30+ years. The staff was very helpful in walking me through the application and enrollment process, which was simple and quick, while eliminating any stress I was feeling about taking college courses again after over 25 years.

I have always stressed the importance of a college education to my daughters. Having one daughter that has completed college and a second that is currently attending college, it was time for me to do the same.

Even though I am a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor, I have found the courses to be challenging and relatable to current projects I’m working on. The online program gives me the flexibility to take classes at a pace that allows me to balance school, working full-time, and family.” – Phil Salamon

Photo pf Elizabeth TheriaultLiz’s Story – BA in Political Science

“I started my freshman year working towards a Journalism major and Political Science minor. However, after taking a few classes and engaging with the Political Science faculty and program, I changed to a double degree in both Journalism and Poli Sci.

Attempting to obtain two separate degrees means I have a busy schedule. Each semester is jammed packed with credits, on top of my part time jobs and extracurricular endeavors. Because of this, room for flexibility is extremely limited— but the option to take online classes allows me to fit everything I need into a semester. Online classes free up my time during the day to finish homework, write for my job, and take other classes that are less flexible.

As I am wrapping up my junior year, my time in the political science department has shaped my personal and career aspirations. The support and opportunities I have received from the faculty and staff has encouraged me to weave politics into my career. The faculty here have taken time whenever I have asked to sit and meet with me to answer my questions and talk about my future goals. Moving forward, I feel that I am prepared to take on a role in a government or advocacy organization— writing stories on how government decisions are impacting and shaping our communities.” – Liz Theriault