Advising Center

We know that it’s important to your success to have access to advising support every step of the way to ensure that  you’re on the right path. Our professional staff can talk with you about your educational and professional goals and help you through the application process. We understand the needs of online students, the importance of finding the right program, and staying on track. We’re here to help you in several areas and in many ways from the moment you contact us.

Our advising services don’t end when you are enrolled in your program. Our trained advisors can help you navigate any changes that may arise in your goals, life situation or academic program needs. We can help you find resources along the way that may not be obvious to you. We can work with your program/academic advisor to make sure that you’re where you need to be on your way to your goals.

Our team is waiting to hear from you and ready to help you get started!

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